I stood gazing and examining the intricate physique of this gruesome figure in the dark. With bloodstained hands, hard impressed tattoos and a shiny dagger to suppress his acuteness, I knew he was the real deal; someone that could bring down Mt Everest if he dared to, literally. I stood in awe, wondering how someone could appear so beastly yet human, so virtually designed yet so real. And as though the world paused, and the oceans ceased to flow, this strange man beckoned to me. I could feel the superlative of fear engulf me and my existence. And just to emphasize his memorandum, he beckoned again but more violently this time. I had no idea which was more frightening – responding to his call or standing still. Reluctantly, I instigated slow strides towards this casual figure whose true identity I wish I knew and as I approached, I could feel an overwhelming force field in my circumference preventing me from turning back. This man began to transform into indescribable monsters with a fleeting spectrum of colours and to conclude his exhibitions he presented himself in such a way that only his red eyes were visible, as I completed my infinite journey towards him. My palpitations multiplied, I was drowning at the sound of my heartbeat and my brain froze instantly. I stood gazing and examining this time, the red eyes of the man and just as I began to feel safe, the eyes started to speak, first in a bizarre language and then in a familiar one. He told me he was THE MAN and reassured me of my safety. He went on to explain how everyone he had had contact with had been brutally murdered by him and how he travelled thousands of miles just to meet me. The words from The Man made my head swell, I began to envisage death and hoped I would just escape from life peacefully but my heart wouldn’t cooperate with me. As I got lost in thought and fear, The Man gave me 30 minutes to think and he disappeared. I slummed into the ground with a big bang and fell into a deep sorrowful sleep. In a heartbeat I was awakened by heavy decibels of noise and as you would guess, The Man was back as promised, this time with a giant knife in his hands as he approached me. I screamed and cried but tears wouldn’t flow, I tried to run but my legs wouldn’t run. I silently hoped that someone, anyone would salvage me from The Man. My thought was cut short; The Man with great exertion of vigor thrust the knife through my neck. I felt life leave me as he laughed waiting for me to die completely. In the middle of my pain, I woke up; I am never going to bed drunk again. 😀


34 thoughts on “THE MAN

  1. Whoa… I was not sure where that was going. I mean, I know he said he’d kill you but… idk. Perhaps I’m too optimistic for my own good. Definitely not a good way to wake up but an excellent way of writing a good blog post ^_^

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