The Racism Constraint

 In the end, man is not entirely  guilty – he did not start history. Nor is he wholly innocent – he continues it. The famous words of Albert Camus continues to linger. The feature image displays a white kid holding his arm out to a black man and this only makes me think of one thing – No one is born racist; society teaches that. No one is born to hate nor to discriminate, the natural instinct of man does not come in that appalling format of detestation. And as I continue to imagine, the words of Abraham Joshua Heschel strikes me – Racism is man’s greatest threat to man; maximum hatred for minimum of reason. If the main reason to hate a person is based on skin color and background, I begin to wonder, if that isn’t the most trivial, I don’t know what is. And then as I roam farther in pondering, I look for genuine justification for why someone with vision, clear mind and good sense of judgment would condescend to an anomaly level where he places superiority based on melanin levels and not character. It is bad to be blind but it is even worse to have functional eyes and yet not see. This is what racism does to a man.racist-brain-ad It trades your intuition for ignorance and makes your brain power, redundant. I try to picture racism and all I see is well decorated refuge, constructed solely for the ignorant. As my restless mind won’t stop thinking, Christopher Hitchens speaks to me and then my heart soars. What is it you most dislike? – Stupidity, especially in its nastiest forms of racism and superstition. I start to feel less guilty; I am not the only one that sees the idiocy in racism. Howbeit my feeling of contentment is ephemeral, I get angry again. So you mean to tell me Martin Luther dreamt in vain? That blissful dream he had where the content of a man’s character was the basis for analyzing a man was all impenetrable nonsense? No, there are better ways to infuriate me! How long are we going to continue in this incessant art of discrimination that offers nothing but segregation, destruction and conflict? How long are we going to treat ourselves differently because we are slightly well modified shades of each other? The menace might not stop today, the menace might not stop forever, the menace might stop today, and consequently stop forever. That decision is yours to make. And then a little something from Mahatma Gandhi assails my mind – be the change you wish to see in the world.

The piano keys are black and white, yet the piano produces melodious sounds. Why? My mind tells me it is because the black and white keys come together and agree to work together. This is how mankind should coexist for though you are black or you are white, you are just different shades of uniqueness and peculiarity, do not let bigotry ruin that.



22 thoughts on “The Racism Constraint

  1. Entenwa is at it again great one boo … And lemme say this racism shouldn’t apply yobonlt black and white cause even in Africa were blacks are abundant the lighter skin still has the upper Hand and I don’t know why ?? Racism shouldn’t even be am issue …


  2. i dont even kow why racism and descrimination have taken a better part of many people…but regardless of ones complexion nd background we are born to be one nd not to be racist..nice one dear..preach it to dem..


  3. Racism is bad, really. I don’t mind you not wanting to associate with someone of a different ethnicity as long as it remains a thought in your heart. Just don’t expose your vulgar reservations to the public and make such a person feel bad or worse, cursed for being a skin colour other than white.


  4. It’s so saddening seeing people live a life filled with prejudice and discrimination towards a particular race. People should just get it into their heads that “RACISM has no benefits just as being STUPID has none”.


  5. Why some can’t see beyond skin deep is beyond me as well.. Judgments shouldn’t be made at face value. Treasures aren’t found in shallow waters. That goes both ways. Great post, Etenwa. 🙂


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