The city was flowing with Red Ocean. That’s a lie. It was blood. And there were scattered chickens everywhere. Not true. They were humans. Humans were killing themselves like it was the only right thing to do. They were right. Because if not we who will carry out the great commandment of total human massacre? We as humans didn’t deserve to live and it was palpable in our actions. And with the passage of time there ensued more brutal killings. We are humans and we were made to kill and we didn’t stop there. Not for a minute. Perhaps, not even for a lifetime.


The armed men kept spraying their guns in unisons. And they shot with resolute their bullets concurred with. They shot like they knew why they were here. It was a harmony of organized synchrony producing massive melancholy. Humanity will never know peace they said. Mankind will never redeem itself. The Earth will forever breed pain. That was their motto and they were living by it to the end.

Nothing beats a man with a cause. These armed men had a cause. You could see from their eyes that they weren’t just random men with arms. They were born to kill and kill they did. It was the fuel that kept their systems running. Splashing blood and cry of pain. All that motivated them. The sight of blood turned them on.

The people didn’t just die. They died together. Ed Sheeran must have been proud. Take us all they said. If we must die may we all die together? And together did they die. One by one. Droplets of blood. There was foul smell of pain everywhere. And it smelt good. It was like alabaster. What do you do when you have alabaster? Get more alabaster.

The city was flowing with red blood. And there were scattered humans everywhere. This time the killing had stopped. For a moment. Because everyone had died. As planned. The armed men reported to he that had sent them. He had a smile on his face. Thank you he said to the murderers. Then he hung all of them on gallows and then the butchers became the meat.

A U.S. Air Force Joint Terminal Attack controller integrates with members of Scout Platoon 3-67 AR, 4th ID, Ft. Hood, Tx. receive an intelligence briefing prior to participating in Atlantic Strike 5 on April 16, 2007. Atlantic Strike is a joint forces training event involving Joint Terminal Attack Controllers from the U.S. Army, Air Force and Marines  and is held semi-annually at Avon Park Air Ground training Complex, Avon Park, FL. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Stephen J. Otero)

The last man on earth heard a voice speak to him. And he was full of hate for all the evil he had done. He thought killing was the answer. But something told him he had created more questions than answer sheets. The last man on earth heard a voice speak to him. And it was still. And it was hateful. He dreaded the voice greatly. So he killed himself too.

I dropped from the tree where I was. That same tree that sheltered me while the killings went on. I was the voice. Now I was the last man. So I spoke to myself. In a still clear voice. How do I clear up all this mess that has been created? I had no idea. So, I killed myself too. It was the right thing to do.

To be frank with you would mean not being candid. And to lie to you would be nothing but the truth. I die if I lie. Humanity will never redeem itself. The Earth would forever breed pain. Mankind would never know peace. To be at peace would mean to be at hostilities as to be at war is the new peace.

Death is the answer. Let us all die. The end.



[All images adapted from the net]



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