A Preview of My Cancer Story

Hello Everyone!

In retrospect I think as much as you all have been thinking already before that I haven’t written enough this year and I rue that as much as you all if not much more. So this year, all things being equal, and we hope they are, I intend to write more.

Starting from tomorrow I’d be sharing with you all my Cancer story. The little romance we both had and how we settled our differences.

Cancer is something that has constructed my life in a way you all can’t imagine. Here’s what the first paragraph looks like:

“When you have been diagnosed with Cancer, on the grand scheme of things and with the sense of responsibility the false illusion of time seems to give us, everything in your life pauses for a short while. And you know that with the eventuality that the universe retains its natural order, there are only two outcomes. Either you live to tell the story or you die with it.”

I’d be posting the entire story tomorrow. I hope you all do not miss it. Cheers!



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