Fading with the Rain

It was a cold and cozy evening. It was a pleasurable time to die. The bus was moving at its least pace and people were all but comfortable to be sheltered.

Outside of the slow moving vehicle it was raining cats and dogs people would do anything to not alight in a hurry. Soon it was a young woman’s time to get off the bus and she did it with grace. Maybe it was her gigantic umbrella that gave her the confidence to not fear the shower.


A group of brothers soon came off at the next bus stop and they breezed with so much negative gusto into the awaiting storm. It remained a wonder for much of the journey if the bus driver could see far out into what was before him as the view before us was all but clouded with rainfall.

To the far right was a petite lady who must have been praying fervently to a superior deity of any sort to not let her drop from the bus while the rain was at its peak because obviously it would blow her off into oblivion in a flash that it would be difficult to imagine if she ever existed.

At the back of the bus were isolated groups of men who had gone silent but who for some moments in the distant past had been speaking in shrill voices long before the rain had surprised everyone. An old woman was alone to herself by my side and was sleeping happily. No one should be left alone in their old age I thought but she seemed to be enjoying her solitude; she seemed to thrive in the peace she created for herself.

In the absolute core of the bus there was me alone with my black thoughts disillusioned with life, hopeful for something that had not yet been born. If we were to have an accident tonight I thought, no one would ever find us. Not in this heavy storm I thought not with the brawling elements.

Yet this old woman was telling me about a creator that gave life. Did she know I wanted to die?

In an eye’s twinkle and at the reluctance of my young heart I got to my stop, turned to smile at the old woman but she was sleeping again.

I got home, searched for my headsets, shuffled Adele’s songs while saying to myself, “If I don’t die today I would die tomorrow.”


(All images excerpted from the Internet)


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